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Trailer, 2011

Super 16mm, 15'00"

Still from Trailer, 2011.

Still from Trailer, 2011.

Still from Trailer, 2011.

Trailer presents an alternative reading of footage from the artist’s science-fiction feature film: Piercing Brightness as a 15-minute, experimental 'trailer'. Designed specifically as one of three parallel films drawn from the same material, Trailer was conceived for gallery installation and short film platforms, as an interrogation of the syntax between gallery and cinema, and equally between short and long duration.

Click here to view a trailer.

Written and directed by: Shezad Dawood

Produced by: Kate Parker

Commissioned/Supported by: Outset Contemporary Art Fund, Picturehouse Cinemas, Modern Art Oxford, Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Arts Council of England, Preston City Council