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The Room, 2015

Digital animation, 8’36”

Still from The Still, 2015.

Still from The Still, 2015.

The Room is a digital animation that questions how we read and experience both the physical and the intangible. Conceived of as an immersive, visual tapestry, it takes the viewer on an epoch-spanning satirical journey into occult conspiracy and the true powers that govern the world. The characters and use of pattern appear in works adjacent to the animation, revealing an evolution as they are translated through media including drawing, painting and woodcuts to their final iterations as digital animations.

Commissioned for fig-2 which presented 50 projects over 50 weeks in the ICA Studio, in association with Outset and curated by Fatoş Üstek.

Click here to view a trailer.

Written and directed by: Shezad Dawood

Commissioned/Supported by: fig-2 was supported by Outset, with other partners Bicester Village, Phillips, Art Fund and individual fig-2 patrons.